As a mum of two children and a busy career mum, it was very important to me with the transition from breast to bottle that I found the right bottle for ease of feeding my children.

We recently introduced the Tommee Tippee bottles to my five-month-old son on recommendation. They were available in the local supermarket, as well as additional higher flow teats which made life easier than tackling the shopping centre or baby shops with both children.

Tommee Tippee Closer to nature

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are a great all round bottle and they support a natural latch by mimicking the shape, movement, and stretch of mum’s breast. This was ideal for me in the transition from breast to bottle as well as the anti colic valve. My son never suffered from much reflux or colic on the breast but it was important to me that the bottles had this feature given the trouble I had with my first and bottle feeding.

Useful features:

My son took to the bottles immediately, the soft silicone breast like teats, wide neck and easy light weight hold style of the bottle made the transition easy.

I had used the Tommee Tippee milk powder dispensers (6 pack) with my first son and am using again and the bonus with these bottles is the dispensers fit in perfectly for on the go feeds.

Tommee Tippee Closer to nature

The different colour bottles are also a great option for us as when my friend’s daughter comes over with her pink bottles, we don’t get them mixed up!


The teat could be a little better suited to fit the bottle, if it is not put in correctly, you can end up with some major spillage but once you get this right, they are great.

Overall review:

I use a number of Tommee Tippee products and have done over the years with both of my sons loving the closer to nature pacifiers, the formula dispensers (a major winner) and now the bottles with my second son. My first son didn’t take to them as much as we had already introduced other bottles with success and I was hesitant to keep trying new bottles, we are definitely going to stick this out though and see how we go. So far so good and I recommend giving them a go.