My search for natural but effective cleaning products began when my son started crawling. I wanted to ensure the floor; especially the kitchen floor, was clean and most importantly antibacterial, protecting my son from common household germs.

I have tried a few brands currently on the market, which were sufficient but could never get through the grease, as I liked. But after trying the Bosisto’s Floor Cleaner and the Multi-Purpose Cleaner, I was sold! These products are now my go to products – the smell isn’t bad either!

Bosisto’s Floor Cleaner

I love this product! I have found in the past that natural based floor cleaners just don’t get through the grime and sometimes can leave a sticky residue if I haven’t diluted the product correctly. This can be so frustrating.

Having tiles in my kitchen – these get dirty quickly, specifically with scuff marks. The Bosisto’s Floor Cleaner is so simple to use and removes all the scuff marks, it’s streak free and excellent on sealed surfaces, such as tiles, leaving them sparkling with no streaky residue. It’s so effective, I only needed to go over the tiles once and I saw instant results.

I’m so confident in the product and it’s ingredients, I don’t even mind when my son decides to crawl around the kitchen floor while cleaning. Because this product includes antibacterial eucalyptus oil it’s perfect for bathrooms as well.

Bosisto’s Multi Purpose Spray Cleaner

This has to be the best all-purpose green cleaning product on the market! It’s perfect for cleaning the kitchen bench after messy breakfasts. I love using it on the highchair – I’m always having issues cleaning the highchair after a meal when the food dries up and sticks to the surface. Bosisto’s Mufti-purpose Cleaner cuts through the grease perfectly. Most importantly I know its food prep safe, leaving no harsh residue and gentle on my skin.

The smell can be overwhelming at first – a very strong eucalyptus smell. However, this smell disappears very quickly leaving a very fresh clean kitchen. It’s not limited to the kitchen – perfect for bins (baby nappy bins), change tables and bathrooms.

Overall review:

Looking for a green alternative when cleaning – both the Bosisto’s Multi-purpose and Floor cleaners are the perfect products for families with young children. I trust these products entirely with both cleaning my home and keeping my family safe.