My daughter, an absolute squirmer, has been swaddled since the day she was born. Nice and tight, cosy and warm.

This has been great for ensuring she sleeps well, and is not getting cold by kicking off blankets in the middle of the night, it makes the inevitable soiled nappy in the middle of the night really frustrating to change, as she has to be completely unwrapped, and woken up!

First Look

I was thrilled to have the chance to give the Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag a try. Firstly, it meant that my little wriggler didn’t kick off the blankets and get cold. Her arms were free to move, but remained warm, and the rest of her was securely zipped inside staying cosy too.

Secondly, not only was it clearly cosy and warm (our daughter snuggled in to me for sleep straight away after being picked up), but it has a 2 way zip which meant changing the middle of the night nappy was super easy, and she slept through it without having to be completely uncovered.

Another awesome bonus of the 2 way zip is that the bag of the sleeping bag has a slit to allow you to pass the car seat buckle through. So instead of waking your little one up to get in the car, you can pop them in their seat, unzip from the bottom, and buckle them safely into the car.


Useful Features

  • 2 way zip, making nappy changes super easy, and preventing little ones from waking up or getting too cold in the process
  • Beautifully soft and warm fabric, perfect for cold nights and delicate baby skin
  • Option for leaving little one in sleeping bag for travel, by using 2 way zip, and seat belt access on the back


Ease of use:

It was so easy to pop bubs arms in, legs in and zip up. When changing it was a simple zip up from the bottom, and to remove completely, a simple zip down, arms out and we’re done!


The Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag is made to the highest standards, with sturdy hardware and stitching. The sleeping bag is made of soft cotton fabric which feels beautiful and is easy to care for.


The Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag is very affordable, with a similar price tag to other sleeping bags on the market (I haven’t being able to find an RRP anywhere, however, if it is priced similarly to others on the market, then my rating stands!)


The only very slight adjustment I would suggest, would be to move the seat belt access slightly further up to avoid too much sleeping bag being bunched up in the seat, this could lead to bubs being slightly uncomfortable if on a longer trip, particularly with the winter thickness.

Overall Review

The Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag winter warmth means blankets are not needed to keep baby warm, which is a great sleep safety feature. The 2 way zip makes nappy changes a breeze, and also makes travel easy.

If you have the chance to purchase the Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag I recommend it 100%!