If you have a hard time getting your baby to stay asleep because they kick off the blankets and wake up cold, then the Snugtime Cosi bag can help keep them warm and cosy. The Snugtime Cosi Sleeping bags’ sizing starts at 00 and goes through to size two. If you’re a style-conscious Mum, they also come in a range of cute designs.

Tog ratings start at 0.5 for the summer months and also come in 1.0, 2.0 and 2.5 (featured bag is 2.5 Tog), so will see you through from the warmer summer months, right through those cold winter nights.

Another fantastic feature is the ‘gap strap’ which allows you use with a pram or car seat- no need to undress your bub if you’re on the move, you can still safely strap them in while they’re in the sleeping bag.

Snugtime Cosi Bag Review

Other great features include:

  • Two-way zipper so you don’t have to undress your baby for a nappy change at night
  • Zip cover to provide protection for little feet
  • 100% cotton internal and external fabrics with cosy polyester filling
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Generous fit allows freedom of movement for bub and room so they can still wear pyjamas underneath if necessary
  • Affordable price point for great quality product.


Snugtime Cosi Sleeping Bag will provide peace of mind at sleep times, knowing your baby is warm enough, even if they kick their covers off. They have plenty of room to move within the bag so won’t wake up from restricted movement.

Snugtime Cosi Bag Review

Snugtime are committed to ethically sourcing their products and materials and their audits are carried out by the internationally recognised auditors INTERTEK and SGS. They are a proud member of the INPAA, an organisation committed to infant safety and safe nursery products.

Snugtime Cosi Sleeping Bags can be purchased online or at Myer.

Featured Cosi Bag RRP – $55.96 and ranges in sizes from 00 – 2 years.