The first thing I noticed when my Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag arrived, was the quality and how soft the cotton sleep bag was. The cushioning of the inner layer made it feel really cosy and warm and the gorgeous light-pink colour was also a lovely feature.

Before I was given the opportunity to road-test the sleeping bag, I had blankets in the cot. This was often annoying when my baby got tangled up in them or kicked them off in the middle of the night, consequently waking because she was cold.


I had no doubt my 8 month old daughter would be cosy and snug in the Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag.

First Look

When I used the sleeping bag for the first time, I noticed the zipper went all the way down to the bottom which was a huge plus! I have used other products and the zipper only went half way. This made putting my baby in there difficult at times, thus disrupting the calming bedtime ritual. A full zipper meant I could place my baby on top of the open sleeping bag whilst asleep and easily secure her in there without waking her.


Useful Features

Another convenient feature was the two-way zipper, making nappy-changing quick and simple. In the middle of the night when a soiled nappy wakes my baby, a fuss-free change is a must, and the two-way zipper allows this, making wake times shorter and re-settling easier and quicker.

The warm and cosy design of the Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag, meant I didn’t need blankets at all. She always felt perfectly warm, was never sweaty or showing signs of overheating, and if she did wake during the night, was was easily settled back to sleep.


The addition of fold-over mittens would be fantastic as an option on the very cold nights and for the babies that fidget during sleep.

Overall Review

My baby is currently in the early stages of transitioning from full swaddle to arms-out sleeping. I found the sleeping bag to be helpful during this period due to the thickness of the sleeping bag. It provided a snug fit especially to the arms, providing the slight resistance to movement needed for successful transition.

I fell in love with this product when I knew I had transitioned successfully, as that was my key motivation to testing this amazing product.

I don’t think I would use this product for a newborn, as a more snug, swaddle-like design aids in better sleep, especially before the newborn startle-reflex has disappeared. I would recommend use from 4 months onward, or when you want to transition your baby out of a swaddle.

I would buy another one so I always have one clean in the event of soiling or milk spillage.

I would definitely recommend the Snugtime Cosi Sleeping Bag to other mums, especially to those with babies at a similar age, about to transition out of the swaddle.

I give it a 5 out of 5!