First Look

The Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag has a two-way zipper for easy night time nappy changes – mandatory for any self-respecting mum who wants to be able to speed change a nappy in the middle of the night with minimal disruption to their babe, and their own sleep. The zipper operates a bit differently to other bags on the market by closing at the bottom of the bag away from baby’s chin which is great for my tummy sleeper. The light weight of the bag also means that my girl’s night time acrobatics are not impeded in any way so she sleeps well with no disruption by her bedding.

Snugtime Cosi Bag

Useful Features

I also loved that the arm cuffs are fitted which will help keep my girls little arms warm all night long. And the handy loop on the bottom of the bag means I can hang the bag up neatly and compactly in the wardrobe when not being used.


We were sent a pink bag (give me a blue stripe, dinosaur or woodland theme anytime!). This is a hugely personal thing for every mum and dad so I personally look forward to being able to purchase the Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag in other colours and patterns.

Overall Review

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this bag. I would normally immediately overlook any baby bedding that contained polyester material right from the get-go and the different orientation/operation of the zipper initially put me off. However, my little girl slept comfortably from the first sleep.

Snugtime Cosi Bag

I would definitely recommend these bags to other mums and dads. Many thanks to Newborn Baby and Snugtime for the opportunity to trial the Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag. 5 stars!