When you think of winter you think of getting your thick Doona out the cupboard, maybe the electric blanket and the comfy flannel sheets, but what about Bub? It can be so hard to make sure the they are kept warm enough at night and most importantly safe while they sleep.


First Look

We got to road test the new Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag in a beautiful winter 2.5 tog perfect to keep bub warm and snug and it does just that.

Oliver loves to kick his blanket off, he also rolls around and finds comfort sleeping on his belly, so I needed to find another option that left him in a safe sleeping space. The Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag is so thick, soft and snuggly like a puffy cloud the cotton was just beautiful.!

Useful Features

I dressed Oliver in a thin singlet suit and into his sleeping bag.

The Snugtime Cosi sleeping bag has a clever two way zip that once you get those wiggly arms in you don’t have to take out for a nappy change, instead just zipping from the bottom up, I loved this feature! It meant I wasn’t disturbing him too much to change his nappy – making it easier to resettle him back to sleep.

The sizing was perfect, Oliver fit the top perfect, it wasn’t bunching up under his chin or covering his face, Oliver is 6 months old wears a 00 and weighs 7.5kgs. The sleeping bag was long enough and wide enough that he was able to still kick his legs and bring them up without feeling restricted, which was my main concern as its something he loves to do!

I found the suit so easy to use, to get on and off a wiggly baby.

Overall Review

I would rate it a 5 out of 5 It was so thick and the cotton so soft, I want one for me – it looks so snuggly!  There are so many sleeping bags on the market all varying in quality I would have to say for the price you’re absolutely getting your moneys worth and it is well worth it.

I would recommend this sleep suit to other mums who may have a little bub that also likes to kick off the blankets and wake up cold. Keeping bub warm, asleep and most of all safe means everyone gets a good worry free nights sleep… well… we can hope.