Our bodies perform amazing feats in pregnancy and birth; being pushed, pulled and stretched in all directions. Mostly our bodies bounce back pretty well, but sometimes they need a little helping hand. This is where the fabulous Belly Bandit Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap comes in.

The wrap is designed to speed up the healing process that naturally happens after birth, but for some women a bit of extra support is just what the doctor ordered. The Belly Bandit Belly Wrap is designed to work with the naturally occurring hormone, relaxin, which is the hormone responsible for the movement of your pelvis in preparation for delivering your baby. Relaxin stays in your body for several months after you’ve given birth.

belly bandit


Wearing the Belly Wrap for the first six to ten weeks after birth takes advantage of the relaxin that remains in your system by helping to reshape your belly and mould it back to it’s natural shape. It works by applying medical grade compression, which in turn helps to speed up the redistribution of  fluids through the body.

If you’ve suffered abdominal separation (also known as diastasis recti) it can help your abdominal wall come back together. Other benefits to the Belly Bandit Belly Wrap include:

  • Providing comfort and support after a C-section
  • Provide support to your back, leg and core muscles, as well as while breast feeding
  • Accelerate healing and may help with muscle memory and shaping
  • Some of the cost may be claimable though your health insurance.

Made of viscose from bamboo, it is a natural choice, and provides softness and comfort as well as the required firmness required to make a difference to your shape. If you’re looking for something that is designed for safety and comfort, that will accelerate your postpartum healing and reclaim your pre-pregnancy shape, the Belly Bandit Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap comes highly recommended and may be exactly what you need.

Belly Bandit Viscose from Bamboo Belly Wrap sizing starts at XS and goes though XL. It also comes in black and nude. Belly Bandit Belly Wrap can be  purchased online through the Belly Bandit website.