I’ve been lucky enough to review two Belly Bandit products in both pre and post pregnancy. The first belt was the Upsie Belly while I was pregnant with my now 6 week old little boy and struggling with pelvic instability. The Upsie Belly saved me significantly (and my pelvis) for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Now being 6 weeks postpartum and having suffered abdominal separation, I’m doing a follow up review on the Belly Bandit.

Belly Bandit

Having had a c-section I chose the Bamboo belt for it’s soft, breathable material allowing for a comfortable fit post surgery. I started wearing the belt 2 weeks after delivery before that, I was still very sore and couldn’t imagine wearing anything but loose clothing. Since the 2 week mark I’ve worn the belt pretty much from the time I’ve woken in the morning until the time I go to bed.

Belly Bandit

The best thing about the Belly Bandit is the support that it provided me. I also have a 2 year old little girl who doesn’t stop – nor does the washing, cleaning or dinner chores so having that support while continuing with my day to day duties was a lifesaver! The Belly Bandit really helped take the load off my back and legs and with the 360 degree pressure from the belt it ensured that when I had to lift my little girl in and out of her cot I was lifting correctly.

Belly Bandit

First Looks

I chose the nude belt so I could wear it underneath all of my clothes. It’s soft bamboo material with light trim made it easy and comfortable to wear all day long under a range of different clothing such as my workout gear, jeans, t-shirts as well as tighter tops and dresses without being noticeable.


The Belly Bandit was a little bit stiff the first couple of times I wore the belt but as the days went on it moulded to my body shape. The belt was firm and very comfortable to wear all day particularly on my wound which I thought it may rub, but surprisingly, it was very comfortable.

Ease of Use

The Belly Bandit is so easy to use, in one swift motion the belt can be put on and off you go! It’s also designed to be seamless, all you have to do is simply shift the join to the side of your body for a seamless and flattering look.

Belly Bandit


The belt comes in various sizes, it’s important to measure yourself correctly so you order the right size. I found that the belt was quite firm at the beginning but as my waist shrunk and the material softened the better it fit.

Belly Bandit


For all those mums out there who are postpartum – I would highly recommend the Belly Bandit. I was very impressed with overall support that the belt provided and the ease of wearing it everyday.

The cost of the belt is much more affordable than most of the postpartum leggings on the market and much more versatile. I’ll be wearing mine until I’m at least 12 weeks postpartum.


Watch the video to find out more