As a lover of the Belly Bandit Upsie Belly during my pregnancy, I was very excited to have the opportunity to try out another Belly Bandit product – the post-partum Belly Bandit viscose from bamboo belly wrap.

I received the Belly Bandit belly wrap a few weeks after my baby was born. Prior to it arriving, I was still using the Upsie Belly in reverse. Having had an emergency caesarean after many hours of labour the Upsie Belly provided excellent support and decreased my pain without too much pressure on belly initially. Moving forward a few weeks post birth, I received the Belly Bandit viscose from bamboo post-partum belt and switch to wearing it from waking until going to bed.

First Looks

Its soft comfortable fit with just the right amount of firmness made my belly feel well supported and gave me a great postpartum shape. The compression of the belt was my favourite feature, giving my core muscles and back the support they needed during my recovery, whilst still tending to my newborn and continue everyday tasks.

I especially found the support helpful during the many long breastfeeding sessions, and vital when I started increasing my physical activity.

Belly bandit


I chose the nude belly band for its versatility under my clothes, the soft white fabric with nude trim was completely invisible and seamless under all different outfits.

belly bandit
From the moment I put the Belly Bandit on, the firm even pressure was comfortable and didn’t dig in to my skin, even when sitting down. The breathable fabric moves with your body and doesn’t cause any sweating – especially important with a still healing caesarean wound. I definitely noticed when I took the belly band off my stomach area felt unsupported, heavy and uncomfortable.

Ease of Use

Applying the belly band is simple, by positioning the centre of the band on the back and holding either end the band is wrapped around the waist and fastened with valcro. I found this important with all the different areas of the body that can be left uncomfortable or strained from both birth and breastfeeding.


The belly band is easy to size, with a simple measurement of the waist and caters for a wide range of sizes.

It’s easy to apply to the waist with the large valcro panel allowing for a firmer or looser fit depending where you are on your postpartum journey.

Belly bandit

The slimmer shape the Belly Bandit gave me so soon after birth, made me feel great and gave me confidence.


Having used the belly band for a few weeks there’s nothing I would change about its features or design.

Having used the belly band in my postpartum journey I’d highly recommend it to any mum after birth. It’s very easy to use and the support and comfort it provides in the weeks after birth is imperative.  The confidence it gave me in my postpartum shape by making my waist look instantly slimmer and my belly tighter was great. I would highly recommend the Belly Bandit to other women to wear postpartum.

Belly bandit


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