Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag – Mummy Reviewers Application Form

As the weather cools down and we reach for that thicker blanket many parents begin researching the best swaddle for babies.

The Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag is made from premium soft bamboo rich fabric with Tommee Tippee’s signature ALOEKIND lining that’s gentle on precious little one’s delicate skin. The Swaddlebag is easy to use and ensures your little one feels safe, snug and secure, to mimic that feeling of inside mum’s tummy.

Standout features of the Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag:

  • Easy to use – the Swaddlebag include poppers on the armholes to either swaddle your little one with in for a snug feel or arms out so they can stretch.
  • Slim chest – the chest is slim fitting and there’s plenty of room in the bottom for healthy hips. This allows your little one to adopt the natural ‘frog-legged’ sleeping position.
  • Hip healthy – International hip Dysplasia Institute Approved
  • Nappy changes are a breeze – if your little one needs a nappy change while in their Swaddlebag there’s an easy-to-use zipper, which allows for little disruption

  • Suitable for newborns to 6 months – helps to reduce the startle reflex and prevent wakeups caused by wriggly arms

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We are looking for confident writers who can write a comprehensive review including taking amazing pics of you using the Tommee Tippee Swaddlebag with your baby to publish on NBB’s website and socials.

If you are an Australian resident and have a baby between 0-6mths please apply below.

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