Breastfeeding can be one of the most beautiful moments between mum and baby; it’s a moment of pure connection. Unfortunately, for some there is a not so pleasant side to breastfeeding – chafing, soreness, cracking and irritation to the nipple. This of course can be remedied by using a nipple balm, which can help heal and soothe irritated skin.

Weleda, who have been helping parents for over 100 years, have recently released their natural nipple balm to provide care and protection to sore nipples, cracked skin, and chafing. Rest assured this product will deliver, as it has been developed in conjunction with midwives and pharmacists and has been formulated using natural and organic ingredients.

Weleda Nipple Balm


The choice of therapeutic plant extract from Weleda ensures only the best nourishing plant oils and protective waxes are used. Weleda have chosen to use golden calendula extract, homegrown organically in Weleda’s Derbyshire (UK) herb gardens in line with strict biodynamic standards. Calendula has been carefully selected for its natural antiseptic, amicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also included in the Weleda Nipple Balm are cold-pressed sunflower seed oil, olive oil, unbleached beeswax, and the finest quality lanolin.

Standout features of the Weleda Nipple Balm

  • Suitable for sensitive skin types – through the use of natural ingredients
  • Fragrance free – to limit irritations
  • Safe for mum and baby – no need to remove before feeding
  • 100% certified – natural and free from mineral oils, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or artificial additives of any kind
  • Handy sized tube – perfect for carrying in your baby bag or handbag
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Weleda Nipple Balm

How to Use Weleda Nipple Balm

To protect and soothe sore nipples, apply as needed after each feed or between feeds. Start by spreading a small amount of Weleda Nipple Balm onto the nipple and areola to moisturise, ensuring the skin is dry before applying. There is no need to remove the balm before breastfeeding.

It is best to avoid applying immediately before breastfeeding as the balm can make the nipple area slippery and make it harder for your baby to latch.

The new fragrance-free Weleda Nipple Balm joins a popular range of mother care products including Stretch Mark Massage Oil, Perineum Massage Oil and Nursing Tea.⁠

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