As a first time mum, I felt very new to ‘all things baby’ when my little one came along, especially breastfeeding. I was desperate for any product that could give my poor overworked nipples some relief in those early weeks. I was eager to try the new Medela Purelan Lanolin – designed for that exact purpose.

First look

I love that there are two sizes available in the Medela Purelan Lanolin cream – the 37g size went straight in my bathroom drawer for use at home and the 7g size was the perfect size to pop in the nappy bag/handbag/car for use when out and about!

The cream was a nice thick consistency, easy to squeeze out of the tube onto my finger and apply evenly. I was very impressed with the product so far. 


The Medela Purelan Lanolin cream provided soothing and some much needed TLC to the delicate area almost as soon as it was applied.

It is scent-free, colourless once applied and I adored that it was 100% natural.

Now that my daughter is a bit older and I have been breastfeeding for almost a year, I had not even realised that I’d been neglecting such a workhorse part of my mum bod until I applied this cream!


This cream was easy to apply and definitely did as advertised, soothing sore nipples and rehydrating that delicate skin. The fact that it was safe to breastfeed after applying is a huge bonus given that you never know how long between feeds, especially in those first few weeks.

I loved the option of the 2 different sizes – so convenient for any time that you need some relief. The fact that Purelan is 100% lanolin, nothing else added, vegan friendly, no icky preservatives or chemicals, means that I’ll definitely be using this in future.


The Medela Purelan Lanolin is marked at a competitive price, similar to other products like this that are available. However, it is definitely one of the best I’ve tried!

I would definitely recommend this product for breastfeeding mothers, it would have been of particular benefit to me in those early days/nights where everything was a blur and my daughter was attached to my breasts for hours at a time.

I will be suggesting Medela Purelan Lanolin cream to my pregnant friends. I would recommend that they buy one of the 7g tubes for every bag they’ll be leaving the house with once baby arrives. I would also recommend this to experienced breastfeeding mums like myself whose children have recently sprouted new teeth and decided that gnawing on Mum’s poor nipples is a fun game! I am so glad I got onto it!