Having recently given birth to my second child, I was very much in the market for a new pram with a greater capacity to comfortably fit my two children. I needed a pram that would grow with my family rather than having to purchase another pram in a year or so, and let’s just say, the Redsbaby NUVO Double Pram delivered everything that I was looking for in a double pram and more!

First Look

I was very impressed by the quality and look of the pram from the moment I unboxed it. The quality of the frame and fabric is unmatched, and I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of the pram. Given that the pram has so much adaptability, I was expecting the frame and seats to be much heavier; however, Redsbaby has designed a pram that is both compact, sleek in design, and lightweight.

Redsbaby Nuvo Double pram configuration

What I love about this pram is that it also offers an extra-large 12kg basket, which is easily accessible from all aspects of the pram. This has been great when popping into the shops and needing to store groceries, as well as our ever-growing nappy bag.

Redsbaby Nuvo Double Pram mum review by Rachael


Redsbaby NUVO Double Pram

As a family, we are always exploring new places, whether that’s the park, a beach, the zoo, etc., and the Redsbaby NUVO Double Pram is able to comfortably cope with any terrain with its front and rear wheel suspension. The engineering of the pram means effortless maneuverability and steering wherever you go, and the breathable mesh panels on the seatback, extension canopy, and bassinet mean it can adapt to the changing weather conditions we often experience here in Melbourne, keeping the children as comfortable and safe as possible.

Redsbaby Nuvo Double pram review

The pram also offers a unique 5-point harness to secure your baby or toddler in their seat, which is really easy to use as the straps don’t get tangled, creating a sleek look compared to the clunky buckles you see on most prams.

Redsbaby NUVO Double Pram



The sheer ease of changing the pram configurations has to be mentioned, which, as a busy mum of two, is actually a game changer. The seats and handle height can be adjusted with just one hand, and changing from the bassinet to a seat or moving the seats to a forward-facing position is a breeze.

Redsbaby Nuvo Double Pram review by mum Rachael

The buggy board option gives even more flexibility for our ‘Mr. Independent’ toddler, who sometimes likes to run and walk beside us, and then he can easily hop onto the buggy board when he becomes a little tired. This option would also give us even more longevity in the pram if we do decide to have a third child in the coming years.

Redsbaby NUVO Double Pram


When buying a pram, I’m a firm believer in the ‘buy once, buy well’ motto. The versatility of this pram means that it can grow with your family, and its durability means that it will truly stand the test of time. When comparing the price to other prams on the market, the NUVO is very competitive and worth every cent in my opinion.


I would, without question, recommend the NUVO pram from Redsbaby to other mums, expectant mums, and dads. It has been designed and executed to meet the practical nature of parenthood with its lightweight frame, large basket storage capacity, and seemingly endless configurations of seats, bassinet, and buggy board.


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