As a second-time mum who had already enjoyed positive experiences with Redsbaby products, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the Redsbaby NUVO Pram. With my prior experiences in mind, I was excited to see how this pram would enhance our parenting journey.

First Look

We purchased the Redsbaby Skip² at the end of 2022 as our travel pram, and I absolutely love it. I was thrilled with how easily it folded and how sturdy it is. So when we were offered the opportunity to try the Redsbaby NUVO Pram, I eagerly accepted. My first impression of the Redsbaby NUVO Pram is entirely positive, and it quickly became our go-to pram. The shipping was super fast and assembly instructions were easy to follow.  The design is very clever, with the bassinet and seat sharing the same frame, making it easy to store as your baby grows. I’m obsessed with the spacious basket, which is a must-have for all baby-related items. The design is very clever, with the bassinet and seat sharing the same frame, making it easy to store as your baby grows. I’m obsessed with the spacious basket, which is a must-have for all baby-related items.

Redsbaby NUVO Pram


Steers exceptionally well and offers easy maneuverability both on and off the road.

It comes standard with a bassinet for newborns, and you can also adjust your baby’s direction of travel. Having the baby face me in the seat during the early days was of utmost importance, and the NUVO is adaptable, allowing your baby to face either the parent or the world. It transforms from a single to a double pram with 18 different configurations!

Additionally, you have the option of adding an extra seat and a buggy board, accommodating two or even three children on board. My toddler adores her ‘skateboard,’ and it makes getting around with both kids attached so much easier. You truly couldn’t ask for more in a pram.

Redsbaby NUVO Pram

The Redsbaby NUVO Pram is incredibly light, much lighter than our first pram, making it effortless to take in and out of the car’s trunk. The frame weighs only 8.2kg! It folds down super compactly and can even fold with the seat attached, which is fantastic for quick transitions in and out of the car. It’s one of the only prams I’ve come across in my research that can fold with both seats attached and can accommodate up to three children!

Favourites Features

My absolute favourite feature of this pram is its enormous basket. Even with just one child, it felt like I was always packing for a week-long trip, with all the ‘what if’ items and necessities that children require. I had seen some of my friends with prams but also carrying bags on their backs or over their shoulders. So when I saw the size of the basket on the NUVO, I was genuinely excited!

Redsbaby Nuvo pram review

In Queensland’s hot summers, the added breathable airflow on the back with magnet flaps is a fantastic addition. The hood has an airflow flap and can be pulled down low to keep your baby cool and protected from all kinds of elements. The 5-point harness is brilliant, allowing you to clip in all four straps individually, preventing any entanglements, especially when your baby is wiggling.

Redsbaby NUVO Pram


The Redsbaby NUVO Pram is impressively priced, especially when you consider the features it offers in comparison to other prams within its price range. It truly stands out. You’ll be using your pram almost daily for the first few years of your baby’s life, and potentially again if you expand your family. So, it’s crucial to make a wise and informed purchase. You need something that provides comfort for your baby to sit in and for you to push, as well as longevity to accompany you through the various stages of parenthood. The Redsbaby NUVO Pram is precisely that – it has the capability to grow with you.

Redsbaby NUVO Pram review


If you’ve been struggling to decide on the right pram, look no further—the Redsbaby NUVO Pram is the perfect choice for you. It can be incredibly overwhelming, especially for first-time mothers, with all the things you need to consider and plan for. Prams and car seats are among those essential investment items that you’ll use extensively, so getting it right the first time is crucial. The NUVO ticks all the boxes for what a pram should be! Don’t hesitate to make the purchase.