When Redsbaby launched in 2013 they aimed to design a range of prams that were stylish and met the needs of Australian families. The latest offering, JIVE² Platinum, lives up to the Redsbaby name and offers features that are specifically designed with Australian parents in mind.

Useful features:

The 2018 release of the stylish JIVE² Platinum will make all the mums at the park turn green with envy.

The JIVE² Platinum comes with trendy gunmetal chassis and wheel trims, along with black leatherette handlebar and bumper bar. To add to the sophisticated look the pram comes in 2 colours; glacier and mulberry which give a nod to the Australian environment.

It’s not just the trendy and sophisticated colours of this pram that make it a must-have, it also has quilted cross-stitch detailing on the bassinet and seat. Speaking of the bassinet, it is now larger than previous Redsbaby prams and comes with built-in head and foot ventilation panels to ensure your little bundle of joy stays cool in Summer.

Redsbaby JIVE Platinum

Picture this scenario: your baby is crying because the sun is in their eyes and they want a hug. You struggle to cover their eyes because the canopy doesn’t extend far enough, so you try to quickly unbuckle them but your hand can’t quite grasp the release button. Sound familiar? Of course, it does! Redsbaby have redesigned the canopy with an extra-large extension to ensure that pesky sun doesn’t shine in your little one’s eyes. They’ve also installed a new five-point buckle with an easy-to-release rubber button.

Redsbaby JIVE Platinum

When buying a pram, new parents usually spend hours road testing prams up and down the aisles of the baby store, constantly checking the turning circle, how many items they can fit in the basket and how easy the break is to use. The new JIVE² Premium addresses all of these items on a new parent’s checklist with puncture proof wheels, which are durable and ensure manoeuvring the pram is effortless. They’ve also redesigned the breaking system to make life easier with essential summer footwear (thongs!) and Included is a 12kg basket along with additional seatback pockets.


Longevity of prams is always something we as new parents look for, but not necessarily follow through with because we get caught up in the moment of catering for the newest arrival. The Redsbaby JIVE² Platinum accommodates newborns through to toddlers, but also grows with your family and converts into a compact tandem pram. This means you won’t need to worry about the future of your growing family when it comes to prams.

Redsbaby JIVE Platinum

Overall review:

The luxury feel and new addition of the extra-large extension to the canopy make the Redsbaby JIVE² Platinum a pram that should be on the top of every new parent’s shopping list.


JIVE² Platinum Single Stroller & Bassinet = $949
JIVE² Platinum Tandem Stroller & Bassinet = $1149