As a first time mum, I was gifted an Oricom Secure740 Baby Monitor at my baby shower to use once she arrived in the world…

Now 6 months old, my daughter just moved from a bassinet in my room, into her own cot, which was a big step for us both! The Oricom Secure740 Baby Monitor was exactly what I needed to make this transition easier.

Oricom Secure740 Mum review

First look

Like all first time mums, I wanted to make sure I had a baby monitor that was going to give me peace of mind while my baby rests. The Oricom Secure740 Baby Monitor does exactly that, it’s a great product! It’s very easy to assemble – you just plug it in and it is ready to go!

It’s very straight forward to use and comes with an easy touch screen to make sense of all the features.


The Oricom Secure740 Baby Monitor camera is clear and focussed, accurately depicting exactly what is going on in my daughter’s room while she rests.


The monitor has so many features, including room temperature display, motion detection, infrared night-vision capability and white noise and lullabies. I particularly like the alert that tells me my daughter is moving or making a noise. It’s great that I can check on her, without having to disturb her. We all know that moment when you want to check on your little one, but you don’t want to disturb them if they are just stirring and will fall back to sleep on their own.

I also love the white noise feature. It made the transition from my room, where I played white noise for her, into her own room really smooth and comfortable, while also meaning I didn’t have to set up more devices. It’s so compact!

Oricom Secure740 Mum review


One of the main benefits of the Oricom Secure740 is the rechargeable display that doesn’t need to be attached to the power cord all the time. This means I can take it outside when I am entertaining or gardening, without worrying about being able to hear my baby when she wakes up.

Another feature I liked is the temperature display and alert – it tells me if the temperature drops, and I can decide if I need to go in and put on another layer of covering on or not, which is another way I can make sure I am not disturbing her sleep, if I don’t need to.

It also has a night vision so when it is dark I can make out easily what my daughter is up to.

I love that it is easy to set up and that I can add extra cameras. This will be great as she is starting to move around more, I can place a camera in her play area to keep an eye on her during the day while I get work done!



The Oricom Secure740 Baby Monitor retails $179 – I would definitely be happy to spend that for the peace of mind it provides, and freedom to do what I need to do while my daughter sleeps or plays.

I did put this particular model on my baby shower gift list as I had heard so many great things, and I was so grateful to receive it. It’s an essential!

Over all

I would definitely recommend Oricom Secure740 Baby Monitor to any mum wanting peace of mind, and freedom to go about their day to day activities, or have a restful night sleep while knowing you can check on your little one with ease.