I was initially quite anxious about the thought of switching my little one, Xavier, into his “big boy cot” when the time came. 

I was nervous about him being in his own room, and not being able to check on him at ease. So when I heard about the Oricom Secure740 4.3 Digital Video Baby Monitor, I was excited to give it a go. And sure enough, it has made the transition so much more comfortable for me!

First Look

I was really impressed with this product upon first look. I know that Oricom is a trusted brand, and I had already heard great things. It did not disappoint!

The large, 4.3-inch display monitor is fantastic, especially during those wee hours of the night, along with the motion detection and excellent night vision – there no squinting required! 

Oricom Sarah Jackson Real Mum Review


The Oricom Secure740 4.3 Digital Video Baby Monitor is extremely easy to use. It is so effective, providing all the features you would wish for on a baby monitor!

The sound and picture are super clear, which enables easy viewing and listening, allowing you to get on with your day-to-day chores, knowing that your baby is safely sleeping!

Oricom Secure740 Mummy review

I loved being able to know the rooms temperature, as it is easily displayed on the unit. There is also a function that allows you to create an alert that notifies you when the temperature is above or below the range you choose – so no more stressing about whether your little one is under or overdressed.

Oricom Sarah Jackson Real Mum Review


The Oricom Secure 740 has all the features you want in a baby monitor, including a feeding timer, so you don’t have to set your alarm to wake you up to feed anymore! There are so many great features packed in, including the build in white noise and lullaby sounds, so there is no need for additional machines!

It also allows you to add up to four additional cameras, which is perfect if you have more than one little one to monitor! It even has a built in microphone, enabling you to talk to your baby from a seperate room! This is just another great bonus.

Oricom Sarah Jackson



The Oricom Secure740 is priced at $249 with additional cameras priced at $129, this is around the same pricing as other cameras on the market.

For everything you get, and the comfort the Oricom Secure740 provides, it is so worth the price!



The Oricom Secure 740 is so easy to use, with outstanding sound and vision quality -I would recommend it to all parents.

It has definitely allowed me, and my little one, to sleep with ease.