As a new mum,  I purchased my first baby monitor without doing much research – I had assumed they were all basically the same, and included the same features and functions. However, I was very wrong.

When I began using my previous monitor, I was trying to find functions that I really needed, yet discovered they were not there. The screen was also extremely small, and I struggled to even see if my baby’s dummy was still in.  So, I was delighted to try the Oricom Secure740 4.3ʺ Digital Video Baby Monitor, given all the good things I had heard about the brand.

First Look

Both the monitor and camera are quite modern and sleek looking, while also being extremely light weight.

The 4.3 inch display on the monitor is a generous size, and the resolution excellent, including baby friendly night vision. It was a relief to now be able to clearly see my little one through the monitor screen.


The Oricom Secure740 Video Monitor absolutely fulfils its intended use.  It’s nice and simple to operate, and the instructions clear. It took me a matter of minutes to connect it all up and begin using it. Given all its great features, I thought setting it up would prove much harder than it really did!


The monitor also remains charged for 8 hours in power saving mode.  I especially like that it has the capability of adding multiple camera’s (up to 4 units); and switching between them is quick and easy. I will certainly be getting another when baby number two comes along.

Oricom Jessica Paine Real Mum Review


This video monitor is certainly value for money, it includes some extremely important functions that most of the cheaper monitors do not. 

Having previously owned a cheaper monitor, I can say from experience, it is worth spending the money on for a reliable and high quality one.

Many other monitors on the market don’t have the capability to pair multiple cameras to the one device – I can only imagine how convenient this will become as our family continues to grow.

Oricom Jessica Paine Real Mum Review


The camera can easily be rotated into any desired position; and works just fine sitting on a table or set of drawers angled at your baby’s cot. 

I would recommend attaching it to a wall though, as it gives you full view of you baby inside of the cot.  It can be fastened on the wall with two nails, or, as I did, with double-sided tape (the kind which doesn’t pull off the paint when removed), it worked perfectly!

The Oricom Secure740 4.3ʺ Digital Video Baby Monitor includes all functions you could ever need, and want, in a baby monitor.

I would certainly recommend this product to all other Mums!