Think back to when you started making the list for your baby shower registry, or when you started asking what sleep wear your new baby should be dressed in. The multi award winning Grobag would have been one of the top products recommended, especially if you had a winter baby. So many mums swear by them, but what does your little one sleep in when they are a little older and sleeping bags become too restrictive? The answer, a Groromper!

The Gro Company, a leader in safe sleep, has developed a revolutionary all-in-one bedding solution for 1-3 year olds simply called Groromper.


Useful features:

  • The Groromper is a once-piece sleep suit that removes the need for blankets.
  • The suit gives children who are ready to explore the world the freedom to move without being restricted by a sleeping bag.
  • It has convenient grip pads on the feet to ensure maximum grip for your energetic toddler.
  • The cosy Groromper is made from jacquard fabric, which will keep your little toddler warm all night while also giving enough stretch for playtime. To ensure an optimal temperature is maintained the suit has breathable underarms for peace of mind.
  • Mums of toddlers know how stressful nappy changes can be, but when you throw in the need to remove clothes in the middle of the night you have the perfect storm. The Gro Company have been leaders in sleep solutions for babies and young children for years, so it no surprise they have made life easier with the inclusion of a reversible zip to make midnight nappy changes a breeze
  • When you’re out and about the Groromper can easily be used with a five-point harness, which mean no more undressing when transferring from car to bed.


Overall review:

The Groromper comes in beautiful shades of pink and blue; each with grey stripes and sits at an affordable price point. The super comfortable and stylish Groromper should become a staple in every toddlers wardrobe.


RRP $79.95

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