As a second time mum and nurse, I was honoured when given the opportunity to review the BIBS Try-it colour range. Since birth we have tried many different brands and shapes of soothers trying to find which brand works best for us.

BIBS Try-it Range

First Look

BIBS Try-it colour range contains 3 different shaped soothers to try. The pack comes with a round pacifier, anatomical pacifier and symmetrical pacifier. This gives you the best chance to find a nipple shape that works for your baby. All BIBS soother nipples are made from natural latex rubber.

BIBS Colour Try-it Collection Review

The BIBS Try-it colour range is ideal for mums during the newborn phase while bubs is adapting to life in the outside world.
The Try-it colour packs only come in 1 size (size 1 for 0-6months), however once you have chosen the perfect pacifier shape for your baby they come in 3 sizes. Size 1 (0-6 months), size 2 (6-18 months) and size 3 (18 months+).


As a mum who was unable, for medical reasons to breast feed, a soother can be a lifesaver when it comes to settling my baby to sleep. The design of the nipple on the BIBS Try-it soothers are well designed to replicate the mothers nipple. An absolute lifesaver for a mum who can’t just throw a baby on the breast to settle them.

BIBS Try-it Colour Range


The Benefits of this Try-it out pack is it gives mums 3 seperate options to hopefully find a nipple shape that will soothe your baby. It saves plenty of time and money having to buy multiple types and brands of dummies. This pack allows you to easily swap between the three biologically designed soothers without having to go back to the shops.

BIBS Try-it Range Review

The BIBS soothers are also lightweight and easy for babies to keep in their mouth and replace themselves.
This pack gives you the ability to try multiple dummy shapes until you find the one that works best for you, and then BIBS gives you the option to buy packs of that nipple shape alone.

BIBS Try-it Range Mum Review by Emily

There may be cheaper options for dummies around however, none that come with different nipple shapes within the same pack. Therefore, saving you time and money as your baby decides which works for them.


I would absolutely recommend this BIBS Try-it colour pack for all new mums who are interested in their babies taking a dummy. Its versatility to find a dummy that works for you and your baby in the easiest and most affordable way. Personally my baby loves the round nipple, however I loved being able to try the different shapes throughout the day and night until we decided on which one worked best for us.