Embarking on the journey of motherhood, every decision, no matter how seemingly small, becomes significant. The excitement brewed as I discovered the acclaimed BIBS Try-it Colour Collection dummies, having heard glowing reviews from fellow mums.

Little did I know that these dummies would not only meet but exceed my expectations, offering a blend of functionality and style that quickly made them an indispensable part of our daily routine.

First look

BIBS Soother Review

I was very excited for our BIBS Try-it Colour Collection dummies to arrive, as I’ve heard a lot of great things about this brand. On our first inspection, as a mum, I loved the chic look and neutral colours of the dummies. However, I also appreciated how they offer different style teats, allowing you to find the perfect one for your baby. When I first had my son, I didn’t realise that all babies have different teat preferences.


BIBS Try-it Colour Range

When I gave birth, I didn’t have any intention of using a dummy immediately. However, fast forward a couple of days after birth, and we had a very upset baby who, as it turns out, had been sucking his thumb in the womb. But one might assume it’s a one-size-fits-all situation with dummies; however, it is definitely not. Each baby has a different preference for teats and materials.

My son instantly took to the BIBS dummies, especially the round teat, which is his favourite. He often uses these for daytime naps and as a comforter when we’re playing with toys or cuddling in his toy room. What I love most about these dummies is their wide range of colours, and the base of the dummy doesn’t adhere to your baby’s mouth, preventing the red marks and irritations that have occurred in the past.


BIBS Try-it Colour Range

One of the key benefits, as mentioned earlier, is that the base doesn’t create suction on your little one’s mouth. Additionally, it features air holes in the base, a crucial safety component that, surprisingly, many other dummies lack. I’ve also observed that the trays are of high quality; after multiple rounds in our steriliser, there was no discoloration or fading. This assurance alleviated any concerns I might have had about the teats wearing out quickly.

BIBS Try-it Colour dummies

I wholeheartedly recommend BIBS dummies to all my mum friends and mums-to-be. Not only can you customise the dummy’s colour to match your baby’s outfits, but they also offer different teat styles to ensure your baby is content and happy, avoiding any nipple confusion that might interfere with feeding. There’s a good reason why these are so popular, and I won’t be switching back to other brands.