As a new parent of a baby boy, I was keen to trial the new Huggies Infant Zinc enriched nappies. Navigating parenthood involves making critical choices, and among them, selecting the right nappies. My interest was piqued by the zinc enriched nappies boasting cute designs. But what really got my attention, though, was the practical promise of an ultra soft fit with a wide pocket waistband, ensuring a snug yet leak-proof seal. The prospect of a nappy combining aesthetics with functionality, absorbency, and comfort had me looking forward to a practical upgrade in our nightly routine.

First Look/Ease of Use

Huggies Newborn Nappies

The designs on the Huggies Infant nappies are absolutely gorgeous. However, my favourite feature is the wide pocket waistband, providing an ultrasoft fit that gently moulds to my baby’s back and waist, preventing any leakages. The nappies are exceptionally soft and easy to use, thanks to their generous elasticity and reliable tabs.

The wetness indicator is also easily noticeable, helping me determine when to change my baby’s nappy.


Huggies Newborn Nappies

I am delighted to report – NO BLOWOUTS/LEAKAGE! I am thrilled that these nappies have performed exactly as intended and have proven to be completely reliable for my little boy. The additional zinc-enriched layer in our baby’s nappies is a welcome bonus, providing protection against irritation.

Now that my baby has started sleeping through the night, we are pleased to have found a nappy that we can trust to get us through the night without any leaks. The silk-soft side shields offer 12-hour leakage protection, allowing us to get as close to a full night’s sleep as possible.


Huggies Newborn Nappies

Using the Huggies Infant Zinc enriched nappies was the first time my newborn transitioned from Size 1 to Size 2, so naturally, I was nervous about how this brand would fit. At 4.8kg, I am impressed with how comfortable they appear around my baby’s waist and legs. No red marks are noticed during nappy changes, and the tabs are easy to apply when securing.

I would wholeheartedly recommend these nappies to other mums. Huggies is my most trusted nappy brand after enduring a few poor experiences in the past. The Huggies Infant Zinc Enriched nappy is clinically proven to protect babies against irritation and maintain their healthy skin pH – what’s not to love!