As an excited first-time mum, I eagerly tried out Huggies Newborn Nappies, drawn to their promising features of dryness, breathability, and comfort. I can confidently say that these nappies have exceeded my expectations in every aspect, making them the perfect choice for both me and my baby. Here’s a detailed review of my experience:


First Impression and Packaging:

Upon receiving the box, I noticed that Huggies Newborn Nappies are endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives, which gave me confidence in their quality. Opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the adorable Bambi design. The nappies felt lightweight and soft to the touch, with particularly soft areas around the waistband and the legs. The packaging is convenient for storage and easy access when restocking.


One of my primary concerns as a mother of a baby boy was keeping my son dry and comfortable, especially considering the potential for nappy rash. Having seen my fair share of sore, irritated skin and severe nappy rash during my early childhood background, I was particularly interested in the features of Huggies Newborn Nappies. My son, Hugo, is now 10 weeks old, and I’m pleased to say that he has not experienced a single nappy rash issue since using these nappies. The handy wetness indicator on the nappy also shows parents that it’s time to change their nappy when the line changes colour from yellow to blue.

Huggies Newborn Nappies mum review by Jess W


Huggies Newborn Nappies have a drytouch layer that quickly absorbs any liquids, keeping my sons skin dry even when he floods the nappy. Additionally, their breathe dry technology allows air to circulate, further preventing nappy rash. These features initially caught my attention, and the proven results with Hugo have solidified my decision to continue using Huggies Newborn Nappies.

Leak Protection:

During my trial of various nappy brands, I encountered several that would leak, leading to frequent changes, increased laundry, and discomfort for Hugo. Thankfully, Huggies Newborn Nappies have proven to be leak-free throughout the day, night, and even during our adventures. Their overnight leakage protection provides peace of mind, particularly as Hugo starts sleeping longer stretches at night. These nappies have successfully absorbed all the liquid without any leakage, ensuring a peaceful and calm sleep environment for both Hugo and me. In fact, Hugo’s longest stretch of sleep so far has been 7 hours, and the nappies effectively kept his skin dry throughout.

Huggies newborn nappies mum review by Jess

Comfort and Fit:

Since Hugo’s birth, Huggies has been our go-to nappy brand. Although we received several other brands as gifts during our baby shower, none of them fit as well as Huggies. Even as Hugo has recently moved into size 2 nappies, Huggies continues to provide a great fit. The nappies feature a wide waistband that ensures his comfort during various activities, such as car rides, playtime, and sleeping. The waistband is soft against his skin while still offering reliable protection against leaks. With some other nappy brands, Hugo would develop red marks on his skin, but the material and fit of Huggies Newborn Nappies have kept his skin free from irritation.



I wholeheartedly recommend Huggies Newborn Nappies to any parent, especially fellow first-time mums who might be unsure about what to look for in a nappy. The outstanding features of these nappies, combined with the positive results in terms of preventing nappy rash and leakages while ensuring optimal comfort, make Huggies our preferred brand. Whether it’s daytime, nighttime, or when we’re out and about, Huggies provides us with a stress-free experience, and Hugo with the comfort he needs. The delightful designs of the nappies are an added bonus, bringing a fun element to diaper changes for everyone involved.