A Guide In Using Newborn Nappies

Getting everything ready for your impending new arrival can be exciting, but some decisions about what to buy can be a little overwhelming. If you’ve had a look at the array of disposable nappies in the supermarket, or seen online the various types of cloth nappies, you’ll probably find that you don’t even know where to start.

To help make your life easier, here is your quick guide to using newborn nappies. You’ll learn about how many nappies you’ll need in the early weeks, how to choose the right nappies for your values and lifestyle, and lastly, how to prevent nappy rash.

How Many Nappies Does A Newborn Use A Day?

It varies from baby to baby. You may use as many as 10 nappies a day or as few as 4, it depends on your baby. You never want to leave a baby sitting in a wet or soiled nappy because this could lead to skin irritations, however you don’t have to change a nappy (especially if it’s dry) just because a certain amount of time has passed.

Typically a newborn goes through 8 to 12 nappies a day for the first six weeks, this decreases to around 6 to 8 until 6 to 9 months after it can go down to 4 or 5 nappies a day.

How To Choose A Right Nappy For Your Newborn?

If you are going with cloth nappies, one size fits all. Read our article Why use cloth nappies.

If you want to use disposable, you should check if it fits your baby and pay attention to the legs. If your baby has larger legs, he or she may need a larger size to accommodate this.

Your baby’s comfort is also important so check the material the nappy is made of. Cloth-like material is more comfortable than plastic type coverings. If your baby has a sensitive skin, check the characteristic of the nappy. Choose newborn nappies that are hypoallergenic and chlorine-free, and that don’t contain fragrance or latex.

Newborn nappies are also available in varying prices. Purchasing in bulk will be more cost efficient. It is also a good idea to have a nappy that has wetness indicators. You don’t have to wait until your baby cries before you change their nappies.

How To Prevent Nappy Rash?

  • Keep your baby’s nappy area clean and dry. Change their nappy frequently to minimise the amount of time that urine and faeces are in contact with the skin.
  • Wipe your baby’s bottom at each nappy change with cotton wool and lukewarm water. Baby wipes can be too irritating on a newborn’s sensitive skin.
  • Use a good barrier cream and apply at each nappy change. Zinc pastes work well because they don’t wipe off easily.
  • If your baby already has nappy rash, leave the baby’s nappy off for about an hour a few times a day. It also helps to change the baby’s nappy often. When the rash is at its worst, it may be necessary to change the nappy up to 12 times a day and dry the baby’s bottom carefully after each change.
  • Avoid using antiseptic creams or talcum powder on rashes.
  • See your doctor if the rash doesn’t improve within a week or becomes severe.
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