Why Use Cloth Nappies

There are many reasons that today’s mums prefer reusable nappies, and with new styles and a better fit, there isn’t any reason to not use them. Parents usually use these nappies to be able to potty train their children more quickly. They don’t have moisture-absorbing additives, children can quickly sense when they are wet and will be more receptive to toilet training.

Babies in cloth nappies are normally changed into a clean nappy more quickly because mum can tell when the nappy is damp, which leads to less nappy rash.

In fact, parents who are concerned about the environment are curious about nappy options. Cloth nappies are a great option for going green and can be just as convenient, and are often more comfortable than disposables.

Cloth nappies have been making a quiet comeback, as there are more and more benefits for parents who opt for the traditional or non-traditional cloth nappy.

Cloth Nappies And The Environment

Even though it consumes resources such as water for washing cloth nappies, it is still viewed as a better environmental choice than traditional disposable nappies. Modern Cloth nappies are good for recycling because they can be used again and again, not entering a landfill until they are nothing but rags.

Cloth Nappies And Your Baby’s Comfort

Nappy rash was almost unheard of before the use of plastic or rubber pants in the 1940s. Cloth nappies are soft and perfect for your baby’s skin. By using unbleached cloth nappies and hypoallergenic detergents, you can also minimise the chemicals that your baby is exposed to, and keep his or her skin healthier and less irritated.

Babies rarely have to contend with nappy rash because cloth nappies breathe. In warm weather, a baby in a breathable cloth nappy is less likely to get prickly heat. The most common reason for nappy rash is excessive moisture against skin. Your newborn should be changed every hour and older babies every 3-4 hours, no matter what kind of nappy they are wearing.

Cloth Nappies And Cost

Every single cent counts and the cost of cloth nappies is one of the best advantages. They are cheaper than disposable nappies, even if you take into account their laundry costs. Parents will always be looking for ways to cut their household expenses and that is why cloth nappies will always be a good option.

Some mothers who haven’t used cloth nappies before have the mistaken belief that they are not easy to use. They only think of the bulky, awkward squares of cloth that had to be properly folded, pinned and then covered with pants. However, modern cloth nappies come in different designs and colours plus adjustable Velcro fastener. They are nothing like the kind your mum or granny used before.

Why choose cloth nappies?

Because they have comfort, cost and environmental soundness. In the end, a parent will always make the right choice for her baby and her baby will always guide her towards the right decision.

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