In the past I’ve tried many different sensitive laundry products as my husband and I suffer terribly from sensitive skin issues. It’s always the same problem that sensitive laundry liquids don’t give a sufficient clean on our clothing, or they haven’t been dermatologically tested and our skin reacts to it. So when I heard about Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Liquid, I was really excited to try it as I’ve used their other products for such a long time!

Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Liquid

Our son was born in July and one of our first concerns was the potential issues we faced with his skin and our ongoing search for an appropriate laundry liquid. Since he’s in cloth nappies as well, I was quite determined to find something that would both provide a good clean and that wouldn’t irritate his skin.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle was that beautiful eucalyptus smell that you would expect from a Bosisto’s product. Also the packaging looks very similar to that on their eucalyptus oil so it’s super easy to see on the supermarket shelves as well. 

I initially thought it was helpful that the instructions pointed out that the lid equated to 10ml, so measured out my 33ml using the cap. This was a very messy idea! I would therefore, suggest either having your own separate measuring cup or just visually measuring out the liquid.

Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Liquid

I did notice the detergent became very sudsy very quickly, which surprised me for such a small measure of liquid. Admittedly this did worry me as a major concern when washing cloth nappies is that the detergent will build up over time and reduce the absorbency of the nappy liners. After the wash had finished, I found suds around the door and the detergent draw. This is probably due to the small load size, however a full measure of detergent is required when washing cloth nappies so perhaps an additional rinse cycle would counteract the sud level. There wasn’t however, any sign of residual suds on the nappies and they smelt so fresh and clean so I would be confident using it on our cloth nappies again. 

Over the next few days as we did more laundry, and larger loads, the sud level didn’t appear to be an issue and there wasn’t any residue in our washing machine.

I love that Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Liquid is Eco-friendly and antibacterial, not to mention it  has no harsh chemicals so I can trust it to clean my families clothes without aggravating our sensitive skin.

Overall review

Overall I really loved this product and I would feel very confident to continue purchasing it and using it as a part of our laundry routine.


I would suggest either having your own separate measuring cup or just visually measuring out the liquid as the cap was not adequate.