I was really excited to receive the world’s first ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter in the mail. Joey arrived in the familiar pale green ergoPouch Australia packaging. Joey himself is a nice spearminty green with black features. He has a calming look about him and is really soft to touch.

ergopouch JoeyFirst Look:

My 2.5-year-old son has rarely been seen without his ‘Dog’ comforter for the last 18 months and there has been many a tear and tantrum from him, his Father and I when ‘Dog’ can’t be found. Of course, ‘Dog’ is always missing when we are running out the door in a hurry or have finally rounded him up ready for bed only to have to delay everything to frantically search the house for ‘Dog’ – who has ended up in some weird and wonderful places!

So, the idea that I could track down my child’s favourite toy in a matter of moments was music to my ears and I was keen to check it out. But I was worried it would be too good to be true!

Ease of Use:

Being able to use Joey’s tracking features quickly and easily was really important for me. The app is super easy to upload to your phone and the instructions were really helpful! The app installed in seconds and I was able to pair it with the iTrack device inside Joey really easily. It was set up ready to go in less than 5 minutes. The hardest part (which wasn’t too hard at all) was getting the iTrack device out of Joey and back in again). But really that is a fantastic safety measure so that even if curious little hands can negotiate the Velcro, they won’t be able to get through the zip which requires a paperclip or similar to open and close it again. So the level of safety in Joey is excellent.

ergopouch Joey

I did a few test runs in hiding Joey throughout the house and was able to hear him ring so I could find him. I also ran him over to my neighbour’s house and it came up with our correct location on the map. This made Joey an absolute winner for me! I seriously think every child comforter should have this feature!

ergopouch JoeyQuality of the product:

Joey is made from eco-friendly bamboo and cotton, so he is really soft and comfortable to hold. The zip is child-proof and hidden away under a discreet Velcro opening. Joey can be washed on a gentle cold wash. The iTrack device is waterproof (but not washing machine friendly) so it can be wiped down easily with a soft wet cloth. I know how grotty these comforters can get so the fact it can be thrown in the machine certainly makes life easy.

ergopouch JoeyReccomendations:


There is a lot to love about Joey and I would definitely recommend him.

  • He is an Australian designed product made by ergoPouch who already have a fabulous reputation.
  • He is soft, cute and would have a broad appeal with most children.
  • He is safe with both low energy Bluetooth, skin friendly antibacterial material and a childproof zip.
  • But best of all, if you have your phone you can track the little guy down! This has to be an instant sanity saver for most families. You can change the ring tone to suit you – just like you can on a phone.


My only suggestion would be that it would be great if there were a few other designs for children to choose. Particularly in multi-child households where every calm-seeking parent wants to be able to locate their child’s comforter in a hurry.


According to the ergoPouch website Joey is retailing for $39.95. To me that is a great deal. I know my son’s comforter is at a similar price point and he doesn’t have the iTrack super powers that Joey has. Given this, I think this is a price worth paying for some peace of mind… or just peace!


I have loved having the opportunity to review the ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter. I honestly only have positive things to say about the product and would have to give it 5 stars. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other mums and moving forward this will be going straight to the top of my go to list for gifts for friends/family who have babies. Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner? Seriously!

Joey will be perfect for my 4-month-old daughter and I am sure there will be a long and happy relationship between the two of them for years to come!