My recently turned 3 year old is permanently attached to his comforter, so much so that we struggle to even get it washed without him having a meltdown. My 15 month old, however, has never formed an attachment to a particular comforter, until we received the ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter! In the week since receiving it in the mail, he has carried it around with him everywhere he goes.

ergoPouch JoeyFirst Look:

Upon first look, the ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter is a beautiful pastel mint colour with black accents. It is designed as a joey and has knotted arms and legs, perfect for teething time. It is packaged with descriptions of the product and comes with clear instructions of how to use this product in terms of the tracking device and washing.

ergoPouch JoeyEase of Use:

The ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter is pretty simple. The tracking device is packaged in a waterproof sleeve, which is then inserted inside a pouch in the comforter with a childproof zipper lock and velcro.

ergoPouch JoeyAt first I was a bit worried my son would be able to get the tracker out of the pouch, but after I struggled with the zipper myself (hint: you need a paperclip in order to move the zip) I no longer had that worry.

ergoPouch JoeyI downloaded the iTrack Easy app to my phone and then used Bluetooth to pair the tracker with my phone. The app is very straightforward; once you create the profile on your device list you can then select the ‘ring’ icon, which in turn will make the tracking device inside the comforter ring. It also can provide the location of where the comforter is via GPS.

Quality of the product:

The bamboo jersey material gives the ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter that super soft touch. It also has 100% cotton filling giving it that bit of plush.


Pros – The tracking device makes lost comforters a thing of the past. I’ve experienced many moments of panic and frantic searches when my oldest son misplaces his comforter. With the ergoPouch Joey if my littlest one misplaces it without me seeing, I can easily make it ring using the app and also find its location if, heaven forbid, we have lost it outside of home!

The ergoPouch Joey is safe-sleep compliant so I can sleep easy knowing it is safe for my son to have in his cot with him. It is also antibacterial, a big tick in my book considering all the places it gets dragged around.

ergoPouch JoeyOnce the tracking device is out it also is super easy to wash.

Cons – The only con I can comment on would have to be the zip. Although the childproof zipper is a fantastic feature, if you don’t have a paper clip around the house there is no other way of opening the zipper to remove the tracking device.


For a comforter it is a bit on the expensive side, however, when you weigh up all the features compared to a regular comforter it weighs outs to be worth every dollar.


I would 100% recommend the ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter to other mums. It is the first of its kind that I have seen and is definitely worth having a look at when searching for a comforter for you baby/toddler. In the past I have seen countless posts on Facebook of mothers seeking their child’s beloved comforter that has been lost, with this brilliant comforter’s technology there is no possibility of accidentally losing it. It is fantastic!