First Look:

Initial thought when seeing the ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter, both my son and I loved it and thought what a cute comforter! I loved the lightweight Jersey Bamboo material making it super cuddly and easy for little hands to lift & hold. Love the colour of the Joey, its eye catching, not to mention easy to find it in the dark of the night in your child’s cot!

ergoPouch JoeyEase of Use:

Being a mum of 2, I don’t have a lot of time to spend reading lots of instructions and following lots of prompts setting things up. So for me this was easy! I love how straight forward the instructions were to download and setup the app on my phone, along with how to set the comforter on the app. You literally set & forget!

Having the tracking function is an important feature of the product, while the child proof zip is an important function, ensuring that the child can’t access the token. This gives me more confidence when giving this to my son, that he can’t accidentally swallow the token.

The token is easily removable making it easy to wash the comforter when needed and also place back into Joey

Quality of the product:

My son gravitated to the comforter straight from go. The ergoPouch Joey now goes everywhere with us. We especially loved the trackable function, when he is lost. We have had to use this function a few times. Lucky for us we have always found Joey, in or around the house or car as he is very attached to comforter.

ergoPouch JoeyMy son has eczema prone skin, so as this comforter is made from Bamboo Jersey this helps keep his eczema under control, as he loves the comforter up close to his face.

ergoPouch JoeyThe comforter is both antibacterial and waterproof, which comes in handy, as we know children can have lots of different accidents. My son happened to be sick on poor Joey one day so into the wash he went and came out looking as good as new.

If you have concerns about the technology used and it impacting your child’s health, there is no need to be as it is safe sleep compliant and uses low energy blue tooth.


When you have a child that is attached to a toy such as a comforter and you lose it, it’s the end of the world. This affects everything from their behaviour to their sleep. With the trackable feature of this product and being the first of its kind, the Ergopouch Joey Trackable Comforter is most definitely a lifesaver!


The ergoPouch Joey Trackable Comforter is an awesome comforter. I would most definitely recommend Joey to other mums.

At the price of $39.95 the ergoPouch Joey is well worth it.

Overall, I rate the ergoPouch Joey Comforter a 5 out of 5.

ergoPouch really has thought what parents really need and want in a comforter. With the trackable feature and it being first of its kind this is a huge selling point. We love Joey and can’t imagine him not being in our lives. I will be telling all my mum friends to purchase Joey!