I recently received the ergoPouch Joey trackable comforter to review with my 19month old.

Where do I start, what an amazing idea – seriously!

My 5 year old still has a comforter and the amount of times that it has gone missing for days is crazy!

The tears and tantrums are unbelievable, so to have a comforter with a tracker in it is such a great help.

First Look:

It’s cute, soft, great quality and it’s fully safe for bub with low energy Bluetooth, child proof zip and lovely bamboo material.

Ease of Use:

When I was told it had a tracker I was worried my curious little 19 month old would find a way to get into it and eat it or do something he shouldn’t but there is absolutely no way he would be able to get in to it, even I had a little trouble. In saying that I have shocking baby brain at the moment but I found it to be very baby safe.

ergoPouch JoeyThe tracker device is also waterproof so that’s a big positive as my kids are always spilling drinks everywhere and throwing toys into the bath and shower.

It’s very simple to set up and the tracking is spot on, all I had to do was download the iTrackEasy free app on my smart phone, hold in the button on the tracker from in the comforter and away it went.

Quality of the product:

My 19 month old has a big personality and he is very obsessive he loves monkeys and toy story and that is usually it, so when I got the ergoPouch Joey I didn’t expect him to be interested but he took to it very quickly, which was great it’s made from Bamboo cotton so it’s super soft!.

ergoPouch JoeyImprovements:

The only real thing that I can suggest for improvement is more designs to choose from, as there are some very picky children out there that only like certain colours and animals.


When I have bub number four, I’ll definitely be getting the ergoPouch Joey for him and hoping he loves it just as much because I sure love the trackable feature!