Becoming a parent in the current global situation, I have tried hard to look for more sustainable choices with our son. That’s why when I was given the opportunity to test out the new NUK for Nature Latex Soothers, I was really interested to see what they were all about. NUK is thinking about sustainable and environmental factors with the design of these soothers, making them a great choice for a soother and also a safe choice for the environment.


First Look

The NUK for Nature Latex Soothers have three calming and natural colours of Green Eucalyptus, Cotton Fresh and Terracotta Red – I absolutely love this colour palette! I also was impressed with the shape of the teat being round at the top and flat underneath.

NUK for Nature Latex Soothers review

Another great plus is – they come in 3 different sizes so I can use them as my baby grows.


I was really impressed with how well my little guy took to this range of soothers. The NUK for Nature Latex Soothers are made with natural rubber sourced from the milk of a rubber tree and are biodegradable. They also have been accepted by 95% of babies and by the way my baby has taken to them I am not surprised! They really are a great product and very aesthetically pleasing.


NUK for Nature Latex Soothers offer parents a sustainable and climate friendly choice for soothers with their range being made from 98% natural and renewable raw materials.


They have even thought of the packaging that the soothers come in; with sustainable packaging sourced that can be recycled in the paper recycling bin. With so much landfill being made with all the non sustainable baby products out there it felt good as a mum to make a conscious choice to pick a product that it trying to do good for the environment. NUK are using an energy-efficient production method with Co2 meaning they really are providing a true mini footprint on the world.


I absolutely would recommend them to other mums. They are a really great choice not only as a great soother but as a sustainable choice to feel like your making some impact on helping this world to be a more sustainable space for our children to grow up in.