It took a while for my daughter to take to a soother and when she finally did, there was no compromise. If I lost them there was no “back up” it had to be that one and that one only. Fast forward to 12 months and it was time to switch soothers. I needed a smooth transition and really wanted something that was going to be kind to her growing teeth and of course, environmentally friendly. So when the opportunity to try the new NUK for Nature Latex Soothers I instantly put my hand up.

NUK For Nature Latex Soothers-Mum-Review-Dee-11

First Look

The cute little milk carton type paper packaging is so adorable, like nothing I’ve seen before and I love that it’s 100% recyclable. With each pack, you get two soothers, one of which has a sweet little message printed and I really liked the natural and calming range of colours to choose from.

NUK NUK For Nature Latex Soothers Dee Review


My little one took to the soothers right away; I was actually surprised. Made with inspiration from mamas; rounded at the top and flat underneath, it absolutely helped with her taking to it instantly. The natural latex rubber teat is super soft and flexible and as they’re thinner and narrower, they’re gentle on her jaws and teeth too.

NUK Soothers Dee Review

I always try to use products that are kind to our earth and sustainable so it was a huge plus that these NUK For Nature Latex Soothers are made from 98% natural raw materials.

NUK NUK For Nature Latex Soothers Dee Review


I absolutely recommend NUK For Nature Latex Soothers to all parents. I wish that they were available for me sooner! Starting from 0 months they offer 3 sizes (0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months) so they can grow with your little ones and they won’t cause misalignment of teeth which is a huge comfort for me also.