Soothers or dummies as most people call them, have long been an easy way of soothing and settling your little one as they increase the sucking reflex. It is even thought that a child who has a soother during their night sleep could have a reduced risk of SIDS.

NUK for Nature Soothers

When it comes to choosing a new soother, it is important to look for features such as a firm plastic shield with air holes, the age is correct for your child and the soother’s ring or handle can be easily gripped for quick removal if the whole soother enters your child’s mouth. These features are all key to choosing the right soother but what about the sustainability?

NUK is thinking about the sustainable and environmental factors also, and have recently released NUK for Nature soothers, which tick all the boxes for soothers, but are also safe for the environment.

NUK for Nature Soothers Review


The new NUK for Nature soothers range offers parents a sustainable and climate friendly choice made from 98% natural and renewable raw materials.

NUK for Nature Soothers Review


Standout features of NUK for Nature Soothers

  • Inspired by mum – round at the top and flat underneath
  • Natural rubber – sourced from the milk of the rubber tree and is biodegradable
  • Natural materials –Made from 98% sustainable plastic and 100% latex baglet sourced from the milk of the rubber tree
  • Sustainable packaging – coming from sustainable sources which can then be placed in the paper recycling bin
  • Packs of two – with three natural and calming colour ways of Green Eucalyptus, Cotton Fresh and Terracotta Red
  • Three sizes – 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months
  • Accepted by 95% of babies*
  • Recommended by medical experts – does not cause misalignment of teeth
  • Energy-efficient production – with CO₂, for true mini footprints

NUK for Nature Soothers Review

NUK is proud to have over 60 years of trusted experience when it comes to supporting parents throughout the different stages of parenthood. NUK partners with experts such as midwives, doctors, and nutritionists, who are vital for the healthy development of children. Through these partnerships NUK is able to create innovative products that solve the needs and wants of parents.

Available from selected Woolworths and Big W