The NUK for Nature baby bottle was the first bottle we have ever tried with our newborn, so naturally I was quite nervous when giving it to him. However, it was such a lovely experience for my partner to be able to feed our son for the first time and he commented on how great the bottles were to prepare and use.

Nuk for Nature Baby Bottle Mummy review

First Look

I was impressed with the design of the packaging of the NUK for Nature baby bottles and that it was made from environmentally friendly materials that respect nature. The bottles were very easy to put together and the design and functionality was fantastic. Love the colour theme!

Nuk for Nature Baby Bottle & Soothers Review


We used expressed breast milk so that bub was most familiar with the taste and after a couple of tries, he took to the bottle incredibly well. Now that he is familiar with the NUK for Nature Baby Bottle, we will be using it regularly for night feeds.

My bub suffers quite a lot from gas so the anti-colic vent was such an important feature for us and I’m sure for a lot of other Mum’s also. Once we have eventually finished our breast-feeding journey, I will absolutely use the Nuk for Nature bottles regularly as I am confident that they are a great product for my bub.

Nuk for Nature Baby Bottle mummy Review


Having a bottle that is naturally shaped and inspired by nature, provided multiple openings on the ultra-soft teat allowing for a smooth natural flow of milk for my bub. I love that the NUK for Nature Baby Bottles have been recommended by paediatricians and midwives so I know I am using a great product backed by professionals.

The built in temperate control gives me confidence when preparing my bubs bottle as the indicator changes colour from blue to white when the contents of the bottle is too hot. I would rate these bottles a 5/5 for their added perks that most infant bottles don’t have so you feed you bub knowing you’re using a great product.


I would absolutely recommend the NUK for Nature Baby bottles to other Mums, both for bottle-fed and breast-fed babies as they are such a great quality product. The fact that the products are produced and optimised to be as climate-friendly as possible is an added bonus to being able to feed with comfort and in confidence that you are using a great quality product.