I was lucky enough to trial and review the NUK First Choice Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control and teat with my 10 week old twin girls.Having a bottle that your little ones feel comfortable to feed from is really important, especially if you ever require someone else to feed them. I was excited to see how it worked!

First look

I was very impressed with the NUK First Choice Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control upon first impression. The bottle feels great to hold and is constructed from high quality polypropylene. It’s a perfect weight to hold and I love the subtle colours of the bottle. The smart heat indicator was a sure winner for me.

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The bottle was easy to use, the wide mouth meant the bottle was super easy to clean and to fill with expressed milk and easy to prepare with formula as well. I had previously been using narrow mouth bottles with the girls so it was nice to see how the wider mouth made the bottle easier to fill and super easy to clean which is a bonus for busy parents on the go. 

The girls loved drinking from the teat of the bottle, which is naturally shaped to allow for perfect jaw and mouth movement, and had no issues going from breastfeeding to using the bottle. The bottle is a generous size but isn’t awkward for feeding and I love that the bottles can also be frozen too.

NUK Ask Real Mum Review


The special anti colic air system meant that the girls we’re not taking in any extra air during their feeds and were very settled, happy and easy to burp afterwards.

My little ones seemed to really love the shape of the teat and had no problems latching and sucking straight away. I have never used this shaped teat before, but it was an easy transition. The girls did not fuss at all!

I loved the temperature control strip, this is a new feature I have never seen before. While heating up the milk the blue strip turns white when the contents are too hot and return to white when they are at an optimum temperature. This feature was perfect for night feeds and saved a lot of time checking to make sure the temperature was right. It was a perfect feature for when we were out and about and using boiled water to heat our bottles.

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The NUK First Choice Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control is competitively priced amongst other bottles on the market of similar size yet is the only bottle with the temperature control strip. It’s great value for money, and saves parents a lot of time and worry about getting the temperature right.

I would definitely recommend the NUK First Choice Anti Colic Bottle with Temperature Control for all other parents out there. My hardest decision was which twin to trial the bottle with as we only had one to start with. I will definitely be buying another one soon and be using it on a more regular basis, both in the home and while we are out and about.