As a mum of 3 breastfed babies, I have worked my way through a variety of breastfeeding accessories, I was excited to try the Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector after having previous great experiences with other Medela products.

First Look

When I first received the Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector, I was immediately drawn to the clever features which set it apart from other collectors I had tried in the past. The one-piece design immediately screamed ‘easy to clean’ for this tired mum! It was a great size that fits easily into my nappy bag for on the go while still holding 100mLs – the perfect amount!

Medela Breast Milk Collector Hannah Huseyin


The Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector is designed to work with the body’s natural let-down reflex, not actively sucking like a pump, to catch milk that would otherwise be wasted into breast pads or clothing (leaving those awful tell-tale rings!). One of the standout features of this collector is the lanyard to prevent spillage if the collector loses suction during feeding – one well-aimed leg thrust from my little one put this feature to the test and…. drum roll…. not one drop lost!

Medela Breast Milk Collector Hannah Huseyin


I found using this milk collector extremely beneficial, the double leakproof design meant that even with accidental tips and knocks after using the collector for just a short time I had begun to build a good stash of milk without losing one precious drop. All without interfering with my body’s supply of milk. The 100% food-grade silicone means no nasties are ending up in my milk or more importantly in my little one’s body.

Unlike pumping using the milk collector is silent and discreet perfect for on the go. The design makes it extremely portable without the worry of leaking into your bag.

Medela Breast Milk Collector Hannah Huseyin


The Medela Silicone milk collector is very reasonably priced in its category and worth its weight in gold when considering the benefits of using a product in your day-to-day routine. I know this is a product I will continue to use for months to come.

Medela Breast Milk Collector Hannah Huseyin


I highly recommend the Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector to mums who want to build up a little supply of milk slowly without interfering with their natural supply. Ideal in the early days of breastfeeding to ensure all your body’s hard work doesn’t go to waste. The convenience of simply attaching the collector during feeds means it is almost too easy to incorporate into your routine.

Overall, this is a fantastic addition to the Medela range, and I wish it had been available when I had my previous children. I would highly recommend this as an essential item on your baby registry or the new baby gift to the breastfeeding mum who won’t realise how much she needed one but will thank you when she does!