The Medela 3 in 1 Nursing and Pumping Bra is a dream to use (and looks good!).

Stepping into motherhood for the first time, the world of pumping and breastfeeding was new to me – and too were the ugly, unattractive, fiddly pumping bras. The Medela 3 in 1 Nursing and Pumping Bra opened my eyes to what should have been – a nursing bra that was easy to use, felt great, and looked good too!


This bra is by far the most comfortable of my nursing bras. The material is notably soft and sits well under clothes. With adjustable straps, flexible stretchy fabric, and foam insertable pads, the bra can be easily manipulated for varying body, boob, and pump shapes, ensuring you feel good and look great too.

Ease of use

Wildly easy to use! Being a new parent means learning to effectively use one hand, while juggling a baby in the other – and this bra allows for that! The clips don’t stick and snap out swiftly, making them stress-free to unclip in a hurry.  The first fold (for pumping) allows for the pump to slot in easily, while keeping it secure, meaning you can move around (and make that well-deserved coffee at the same time!). Finally, it allows for both folds to unclip and fully drop down – making feeding your little one easy, while offering skin to skin contact.


This bra is so comfortable and fits perfectly. It is snug in all the right places, while snapping back into place after manipulating it for feeding and pumping. It doesn’t cut in under the armpit like other nursing bras, and maintains shape both before and after feeding.

Medela 3 in 1 Nursing and Pumping Bra


Highly recommend the Medela 3 in 1 Nursing and Pumping Bra. It’s comfortable, looks and feels great, and makes for easy, swift use.