I was excited to try out the new Huggies Infant Zinc enriched Nappies with my newborn son Ollie. As a first time Mum it can be overwhelming seeing the large variety of nappies available on the shelves at the supermarket, especially when you’re unsure what you’re looking for!

Huggies Infant Zinc Enriched Nappies Review by Emily

First Look/Ease of Use

At first look, what caught my eye on the Huggies packaging was the promise of leak protection for up to 12 hours! – All Mums want those long stretches of sleep overnight without waking up to soaked through nappy, bedding and clothing!!

Huggies Infant Zinc Enriched Nappy Size 2 Review by Emily C

The nappies themselves feel soft and have beautiful designs on them. The size 2 Huggies Infant nappies which we are currently using, have the cutest Bambi designs on them.


After using the Huggies Infant Zinc Enriched nappies for the past few weeks, we have found that there have been no leaks, even when Ollie has a long stretch of sleep overnight. They are nice and absorbent, poos and wees absorb straight into the dry touch layer keeping Ollie’s skin beautifully dry. The ultra soft wide pocket waistband fits snug against Ollie’s back to help protect against those inevitable runny poos! The wetness indicator on the underside of the nappy is very helpful to peek at when out and about to see if it’s change time or not.

Huggies Infant Zinc Enriched Nappy wetness indicator


The Huggies Infant Zinc enriched nappies are easy to put on and have a lovely stretchy waistband. They fit snugly around the legs and waist without leaving any red marks on Ollie’s legs. It’s fantastic that they’re enriched with Zinc – this erases the need for additional creams and products to prevent those nasty nappy rashes! Since using these nappies Ollie’s skin has been beautiful, soft and with no signs of redness. Having a wriggly baby who loves kicking his legs, the Huggies nappies stay in place day and night!

Huggies Infant Zinc Enriched Nappy Review by Emily