As a mother of a newborn, life is full on and sometimes hectic as we start to establish some kind of routine. My little man enjoys his nighttime bath but I sometimes find his skin is dry afterward, which is why I was excited to give GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil a go.

First Look

As a first time Mum I really wanted to make sure that everything I use on my baby is safe. GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil has been formulated in consultation with therapists from Infant Massage Australia and is free from mineral oil, which makes it absorb into my baby boy’s skin without clogging pores or irritating him.

The easy to hold squeeze bottle fits perfectly in my hand, although it would be great to have a pump to make it even easier to use when holding bub.

GAIA Massage Oil Julia Review


I used the GAIA Natural Baby massage oil after his first bath and I noticed a difference overnight! Our little one has had areas that were constantly dry and flaky in which I would normally need to reapply moisturiser overnight, however, I was delighted to see that the skin was still soft and smooth.

GAIA Massage Oil Julia Review

We have introduced a nightly massage using the GAIA Natural Baby massage oil into his bedtime routine and have enjoyed being able to spend quality time giving a massage and bonding with bub after bath time. We have definitely noticed he is calmer and sleeping much more peacefully at night – a win for both bub and us!

I also like that GAIA Natural Baby Massage Oil contains a blend of cold-pressed sweet almond oil and organic lavender pure essential oil with no harmful chemicals added.

GAIA Massage Oil Julia Review


Knowing that GAIA uses natural and organic ingredients for baby’s skin makes it an essential product to have. Being able to use the oil for massage or adding a couple of drops into the bath makes it easier to keep his skin nourished.

Another benefit of using the massage oil was not only on my son but also for me! The oil absorbs completely into the skin without feeling greasy, with all the hand washing we do it is nice to know that I am able to care for my skin at the same time.

GAIA Massage Oil Julia Review


Would I recommend this? YES!  The fact I can use it in multiple ways for bub and then also for me is great.

I also use more of the GAIA Natural Baby range as well as some Mum products due to the natural & organic ingredients, affordability and practical use of the range.

Anyone who is looking for a gift for new parents, treating themselves, or wants to change to products that are safer on baby’s skin I would strongly recommend checking out GAIA’s full range.