We were taught in the hospital how to swaddle our daughter using a wrap. This worked wonderfully and I felt quite confident bringing her home wrapping her up each sleep. However, as she started to grow and began to gain stronger reflexes with her arms and legs, she started to find herself wriggling out of the wrap and startling herself with her limbs waking her each time.

We then got the chance to try the Ergo Pouch Cocoon 0.2 tog and found ourselves pleased with how easy this product was to use. No wrapping over and under or ensuring it was tight enough. A simple zip up made it quick and easy to get into even when in a sleepy mood.

It was great peace of mind knowing the Ergo Cocoon is made from breathable organic cotton and bamboo fibres which are super soft on her skin. Even after multiple washes the fabric remained in the same soft condition and did not shrink or go bally.

Useful features:

  • The main things I loved about the Ergo Cocoon were you can easily do sleepy nappy changes using the lower zip and not disrupting her arms.
  • The fact her arms are nice and tight to stop sudden movements waking her and her legs have got plenty of room to move around.
  • The option the let her arms out by undoing the press studs when transitioning from swaddle to sleeping bag
  • The modern design patterns and beautiful soft colours, I have now found myself wanting to buy them all.
  • It comes with a handy temperature guide to ensure you have to right swaddle on to keep your baby warm/cool enough.

Overall review:

The Ergo Cocoon is very reasonably priced considering it is used for all of my baby’s sleep times. I would recommend buying at least 2 in each size to ensure a clean swaddle is ready when washing the other and for when those unexpected nappy accidents or spit ups occur.

My baby fit very well in the swaddle but I think if you had a very long baby you may have to move up to the next size quicker, and if you had a smaller baby their hands would be able to get out around the neck opening. But I honestly cannot fault this amazing product.

I would definitely recommended the Ergo Cocoon to family and friends.

As an overall rating I would give 5 stars. Thank you Ergo Pouch for enabling our family to enjoy sleep time and New Born Baby for giving us the opportunity to trial such a wonderful product.