The ergoPouch Cocoon couldn’t get much easier! ErgoPouch have pretty much thought of everything when creating the new Spring/Summer Cocoon range.

When we first brought our little man home from the hospital, I made sure I had an abundance of wraps to swaddle him in – I almost had too many blankets and wraps! Only to find out that he managed to wriggle his way out of every single wrap; I tried every single swaddling technique available on YouTube and nothing was keeping out little Houdini from escaping. And of course, almost immediately after the great escape came the tears – this all made for quite a few very long and very hard sleepless nights. Until we were introduced to ergoPouch! Not only does it keep my son nice and tightly wrapped providing a secure feeling for him to be comfortable enough to sleep day and night, it’s also fantastic for me! My favourite feature (in terms of practicality) is definitely the 2 zippers – it makes nappy changes an absolute breeze, especially during the night; he still stays in a nice snug secure swaddle position and I can get to his nappy without having to stir him too much from his dozy state.

Also making provisions for arms to be free with the press studded arm holes is an excellent addition particularly when we start introducing more arm out time to his routine. I find this particularly handy at the moment during tummy time and feeding times because he can remain in his cocoon feeling safe and secure but his arms are also able to be free. And a short while after that, he’s already dressed and ready for nap time and I don’t need to stir him to get him into his sleeping gear, I’ve just got to pop his arms back in and we’re good to go.

The organic cotton fabric that these Cocoons are made of is absolutely perfect on my newborns soft skin. I don’t feel like there’s any rough or uncomfortable materials on his skin and it’s also very breathable so he’s not overheating. The organic cotton also means it spends far less time drying after a wash so bub can be back in his ergoPouch cocoon sooner than his alternative branded swaddles. The cotton also has a decent stretch and give that we’ll be able to use the cocoon until the age and weight guidelines suggest, unlike others where he has simply outgrown newborn and 0-3 month sized swaddles by 5 and 6 weeks…

Useful features:

  • It works! It keeps my little one feeling safe and secure like a conventional wrap does (only when the nurses wrap him it seems…) but only a whole lot easier! And he’s got plenty of leg room to kick about as he needs to without being too constricted.
  • The 2 way zippers make the whole process of getting him swaddled so nice and quick.
  • The 2 way zippers are wonderfully helpful when changing nappies.
  • The organic cotton does wonders on drying time and its environmentally friendly.
  • The ergoPouch cocoon has been designed around ensuring healthy hips for sufferers of hip dysplasia.
  • The arm holes are a great way to slowly introduce arms free when bub is transitioning from swaddling. Also very handy during tummy time and feeding.


  • I’d love the arm holes a whole lot more if they were zipper shut rather than the press studs – sometimes my little Houdini gets his arms back out the arm openings before I’ve had enough time to close them shut, so then I’m wrangling him and press studs.
  • The zippers were a little tight the first few uses but after that they ran like a well-oiled machine
  • During manufacturing, some of the press studs have misaligned to the arm holes and are on the cocoon material rather than the edging around the arm holes so the material has started to slightly pull away from the press studs. More a quality control issue than a design issue…
  • Replace the press studs with inline zips would be so much handier (just need to watch bare arms on the zips if this is the case).
  • The arm holes could be slightly longer in length down either side to allow for slightly larger arm widths and also the older/heavier end of the age/weight size suggestion guide.
  • A range of basic colours (gender specific and gender neutral with no patterns) would be handy, particularly for families that are looking to invest for more than just one child or for families that aren’t finding out the gender of their newborn and are trying to get organised early or are being gifted a cocoon before their arrival.

Overall review:

I’d have no hesitations and no second thoughts about buying more items from the ergoPouch range for my family. I rate this product 4/5 stars.