The ErgoPouch Spring/Summer Cocoon is a stylish and modern approach to the traditional method of wrapping and swaddling, offering a cosy place for bubs to sleep comfortably over the warmer months and providing parents with the peace of mind that bubs is sleeping securely and safely.

The zipper design makes it an easier and much more effective way of swaddling bubs compared to traditional wrapping and swaddling. Unlike traditional wrapping and swaddling, the ErgoPouch Cocoon design allows bubs to move their arms about freely within the swaddle and ensures that their arms cannot escape, minimising sleep disruption.

Useful features:

  • Two-way zipper; this feature makes it easy to change bubs without having to take them completely out of their swaddle
  • Cotton fabric: This makes the swaddle breathable and resulted in bubs not overheating or sweating during sleep
  • Multi-functional; it can transition from swaddle to arms out sleeping bag when necessary
  • The design is acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as hip healthy; there is plenty of leg room for bubs and is not restrictive on their hip movement at all
  • Comes with a room thermometer and a clothing guide; this feature was a life saver for me as a first-time mum! It took the guessing out of our bedtime routine and helped me dress bubs according to the room temperature


The design seems to contain bubs’ arms to their chest and below, it does not appear to allow for bubs to stretch their arms up beside their head, which some like to do as a means of self-settling; not sure if it’s possible to add some more fabric across the front to cater for more arm stretch upwards or whether this will then take away the snug feeling and defeat the purpose of swaddling?

Overall review:

Overall, I would rate this product a 4 out of 5. My son slept comfortably in it and I believe its cosy design definitely encouraged him to sleep. He was escaping traditional swaddles every night and waking himself up, so the ErgoPouch Cocoon has certainly given us back some sleep and I would absolutely recommend it to other sleep-deprived mums!