Finding a pram that suits your needs as a new parent can be daunting as there are so many options, configurations and styles. However, the experience can be relatively easy by making a list of needs and wants. Are you after a single, double or convertible pram? Or perhaps, do you require a compact pram or large under carriage?

Edwards & Co Olive

Edwards & Co have added to their family of award-winning prams with the Olive, which is a small, but mighty double stroller. The Olive grows with your family and needs by being able to go from a single to double stroller. Some double strollers compromise on size of seats to fit them into the frame, however, the Olive includes full size seats and has the same footprint whether it is used as a single or double stroller.

Edwards & Co Olive double stroller

Mark Edwards, founder and product designer at Edwards & Co, has some non-negotiables when developing the Olive; lightweight, compact and easy to maneuver. The Olive also had to pass extensive testing before being launched, which included exceeding the durability standard. This means parents will have peace of mind that the Olive will remain strong and will have longevity.

Edwards & Co Olive single stroller

The Olive is available in 5 luxurious colorways: Black Luxe, Slate Grey, Sage Green, Ochre Grey and Ruby Gloss.

Standout features of the Edwards & Co Olive

  • Safety Standards – exceeds the AS/NZS durability standard
  • Massive weight capacity – 54kg to adapt to your family’s needs
  • Compact – one of the smallest folded double strollers on the market
  • Strong and durable – allowing for longevity
  • Suitable for use with capsules and bassinets – adapters are available to change configurations

The Edwards & Co Olive comes as a single four-wheel stroller, with the primary seat attachment and upper adaptors. Conveniently, the upper adaptors can be used with the Edwards & Co capsule or bassinet to allow the baby to be closer to you and for additional space in the basket. When it comes to two babies or children of different ages the upper and lower adaptors can be used to create multiple different configurations with the seats, capsule and bassinet.

Edwards and Co Olive Stroller


Weight: 12.7kg (1 seat) 16.3kg (2 seats)

Frame only: 9.2kg

Edwards & Co Olive RRP $1,199.00