The Braun thermoscan 7 is the ultimate device to measure temperature in kids. As a family of one infant and one toddler, we need a device that is quick and accurate to measure temperature, especially when fevers are evident.

Useful Features

The standout feature is the colour coded display. Who knew that fever temperatures varied between infants, toddlers and young kid? Apparently they do, and the Braun has optional selections, that can measure the correct temperature based on growth of our kids. In addition, the colours of the screen changes between normal, moderate and high as an indicator, so you as the parent don’t have to work out the severity of the temperature.


Braun unique ear design is made to fit most ear canals, which gives it a more accurate reading of body temperature. The Braun also has disposable plastic filters that initially made we wonder is this just another add-on feature they didn’t need to include, but its reassuring to know that I can swap out the filters between kids and not pass on there nasties through the thermoscan.

Overall, this is best thermometer I have used!! I can’t get past the fact its ridiculously fast, extremely accurate and super easy to use. What else would I need from a thermometer.