I have tried what seems like millions of cleaners over the years trying to find something that ticks all the boxes – price, cleaning ability, safe and Australian made. While some were great at cleaning, they were full of chemicals and made overseas; or if they were natural, they were expensive and didn’t clean so well. So, when I got the opportunity to test Bosisto’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Floor Cleaner, I jumped at the opportunity.

I admit that I have been guilty of thinking chemicals are the key to a good clean because I haven’t found a product that proved otherwise. I have also tried the cleaning cloths that just require water and while they clean up the visible grime I wonder about the invisible germs left behind.

Multi-purpose Spray

This is why I am now a convert to Bosisto. Both products tap into the antibacterial benefits of eucalyptus oil making the multi-purpose spray fantastic for food preparation areas. I also used it with great success in my bathroom vanity, kitchen table and most importantly my baby’s high chair.

Bosisto’s Multipurpose Spray

I have ventured down the path of baby led weaning with my 10-month-old daughter so her high chair tray is essentially her plate. To date, I have been wiping her chair over with a wet clean cloth because I didn’t want to use chemicals. With the Bosisto Multi-Purpose Spray not only is the sticky food residue cleaned away easily, I know that my baby can eat straight from the tray.

Floor Cleaner


The Bosisto Floor Cleaner has provided me with the same visible results as my previous, chemical-based cleaner, leaving no streaks or residue. However, I now know that my daughter is crawling on floors that haven’t been washed with chemicals.

Overall Review

The other great thing about the Bosisto products is that great eucalyptus smell, it’s fresh and takes me back to my childhood. Definitely no eye-watering when using these products which is a welcome change.

As for the price, it is not the cheapest but not out of range. Yes, you could get something cheaper utilising chemicals but the positive benefits that these products have on my family far outweigh the price difference for me. And most importantly they are Australian made, keeping Australians in jobs! Win-win.

I would definitely recommend both products to other mums.