Since becoming a mum, I have become more vigilant in minimising chemicals and toxins that are in the household products that I use to ensure my family is living in a clean, safe and chemical free environment.

I like the fact that Bosisto’s is an Australian-owned company, which specialises in natural essential oils. Their products contain no harmful chemicals and uses the cleaning power of real eucalyptus oil, not synthetic fragrances. Until I tried Bosisto’s products, I had been struggling to find suitable cleaning products for my home that didn’t have any hidden nasties.

Benefits – Multi-Purpose Spray

The first thing I noticed when I used the Multi-Purpose Cleaner is the smell of real eucalyptus. Just one spray across my kitchen benches and the room was filled with the aroma of eucalyptus which gave it that real clean smell.

Mealtimes are particularly messy in our house with half a meal typically ending up across the floor, highchair and over my nine month old’s face!

The great thing about the Multi-Purpose Cleaner being chemical free is, I was able to wipe down my daughter’s high chair before and after dinner time without having to worry about any leftover chemical residue. Even after a heavy dinner of spaghetti bolognese, the cleaner worked really well to remove stubborn grease and pasta sauce.

Bosisto’s Multipurpose Spray and Floor Cleaner

I found the Multi-Purpose Cleaner extremely versatile. Instead of using an array of different cleaning products in different rooms of my house, the one product was great for just about any stain, spill or surface. I found it particularly useful in our bathroom which has a tendency for mould build up due to bad ventilation. I used the spray on our bath, sink and surfaces. It was easy and left the bath looking and smelling amazing.

Benefits – Floor Cleaner

The Floor Cleaner comes in a concentrate form so a little bit goes a long way without compromising that delicious eucalyptus smell.

My daughter started crawling at seven months which has created a whole new list of issues when it comes to cleaning. I used the floor cleaner throughout my entire house and found it left my floors looking amazing. Unlike other natural, chemical free floor cleaners I found that Bosisto’s didn’t leave my floor feeling oily after I used it and there was no residue on my daughters clothes after she crawled all over it.

Overall Review

For someone looking for chemical free and versatile cleaning products, I would certainly recommend Bosisto’s. Being available both online and at Woolworths means it’s easy to stock up on. It gives me the peace of mind that my daughter is learning to explore our home without surfaces being covered in chemicals.