Baby Routine 8 -10 months

What to expect when your baby is between 8 -10 months establishing a routine:

Stevens H. (2012) Safe Sleep Space 3rd ed. Rebus Press Australia. P. 92)

Sleep & Awake Times

TimeSleep or Awake
6.30 am (ish)Start the day with a milk feed
About half an hour after the milk feed, offer breakfast. Solids can be offered before milk anytime from 9 months onwards
Play time
2½ hours later
Watch for tired signs
Some quiet time
9.30 am (ish)Sleep time varies – around 2 hours
11.30 am (ish)Awake and ready for another milk feed (breast, bottle or cup)
About ½ hour after milk feed offer some lunch. Water from a cup is okay as well after meal.
Play time
2½ hours laterWatch for tired signs
Some quiet time
2.30 pm (ish) Sleep time (varies from 1 to 2 hours)
3.30–4.30 pm (ish)Awake ready for a milk drink, then a small snack such as some fruit and water from a cup.
Play time
5.00 pm(ish)Dinner time
Bath time
6.00 pm(ish) Play time
6.30 pm(ish) Cuddle time, book time and quiet time
7.00 pm(ish)Feed time before bed
7.30 pm (ish)Bed time
10.00 –11.00 pm Dream-time feed if required
3.00 am onwardsAn overnight feed may or may not be needed depending on your baby’s ability to gain adequate fluids during the day.


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