Baby Sleep Routine 10 – 12 months

What to expect when your baby is between 10 – 12 months establishing a sleep routine:

Sleep & Awake Times

Time Sleep or Awake
6.30 am (ish) Start the day with breakfast. Depending on your child.
½ hour later
Offer milk
Play or shopping time
9.30 am (ish) Sleep time varies – around 2 hours
11.30 am (ish) Awake and ready for some lunch
About ½ hour later offer milk.
Play time
2¾ hours later Watch for tired signs
Some quiet time
 2.30 – 3.00 pm (ish)  Sleep time (varies from 1 to 2 hours)
 4.00pm-4.30 pm (ish) Awake offer a small snack such as some fruit and water from a cup.
Play time
 5.00-5.30 pm(ish) Dinner time
Bath time
 6.00 pm(ish)  Play time with blocks and less robust play
 6.30 pm(ish)  Cuddle time, book time and quiet time
 7.00 pm(ish) Milk before bed (may be supper and milk from a cup or breast)
 7.30 pm (ish) Bed time
 10.00 –11.00 pm  Dream-time feed if required

Some babies MAY still wake overnight and return promptly to sleep, OR may wake each 2nd or 3rd night as they begin to drop their overnight feed, which is normal for a number of babies.

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