Breast pumping can be hard work. It isn’t always as easy as all the ads for breast pumps make it look and not all breast pumps are cut from the same cloth. Some pumps will have you sitting back building a lovely stash of milk, while others will induce anxiety and leave you wondering if you have a supply at all.

My current breast pump, while effective, is old school (think cords and plugs). I couldn’t wait to try the new Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Electric Breast Pump!

Tommee Tippee Pump

First Look

Immediately this pump made my old workhorse look clunky and impossibly large (almost comical!). The Tommee Tippee design is lightweight and slimline – the pump is pocket-sized and light enough to carry in your bag, even with all the baby stuff already jammed in there!

My favourite thing about the Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Electric Breast pump is that it is USB rechargeable – this pump could be used anywhere, and a full charge provides 60 minutes of cord-free pumping.

This pump doesn’t even need a power point – you could charge it in the car or from your computer at work – super convenient! Also not needing the power point means you can turn pumping breastmilk into your time – did someone say Netflix and ice cream?

Tommee Tippee Pump


The cup features massaging petals that work to stimulate and create strong suction while still feeling soft. The horn is made of silicone which help it mould to any breast shape, helping to maintain suction and guaranteeing you more milk in much less time.

So, no two ways about it, all boobs are different and Tommee Tippee has taken this into account when designing their pump. Some breasts require different levels of stimulation and others much less to get the milk flowing. The Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Electric Breast pump has 5 massage modes and 9 express modes to help stimulate the breast and milk flow, which means you can choose the level that is right for you while ensuring that it feels gentle and comfortable.

Even on first use, this pump is incredibly easy to use switch modes are as simple as one click.

Tommee Tippee Pump


The Tommee Tippee Made For Me Single Electric Breast pump is whisper quiet and discreet meaning my neighbours no longer know when I am using my pump, coupled with the small unit size means pumping anywhere at any time is easy.

The pump is easy to clean and assemble. It boasts a one-piece horn and a closed system which prevents breastmilk backflow, meaning you are a lot less likely to waste milk and don’t end up trying to clean milk out of air tubes or the pump, this is much more hygienic and saves you lots of clean up time. I also love that the whole unit is BPS and BPA free keeping all the nasties out of my milk and my baby!

I appreciated that the pump featured a handy timer so I could ensure I was pumping each side evenly and help keep my milk supply on track (or perhaps give the lazy side a little extra time).

Tommee Tippee Pump Breast Pump


The pump is priced in the midrange on the market – it’s certainly not the cheapest pump but it also isn’t top of the range. It is worth every cent in my opinion, it is effective, time-saving and easy to use. Ticks all the boxes for sleep-deprived breastfeeding women everywhere!

Would I recommend this breast pump!? – Definitely! It is comfortable, portable, super quiet and effective. It is a product I would suggest to mum friends as a great option if they are considering pumping or having a new baby soon.